Make the Most of Your Bathroom Tile Designs

Renovating the Bathroom With Beautiful Tile Designs
Almost every single surface in the bathroom can be replaced with tiles. The number of bathroom tile designs continues to grow as more designers find new and exciting ways to implement different types of tile in the bathroom. Today, tiles are commonly used in the bathroom for the following applications:
  • Countertop
  • Countertop backsplash
  • Floor
  • Walls
  • Shower
The large number of different tiles available today allows any homeowner to renovate the bathroom and improve the look of the room. Tiles are a perfect option for bathroom use because they offer benefits specifically suited for this area of the home. Building materials such as hardwood and unprotected drywall are not practical for use in the bathroom due to the higher levels of moisture and frequent exposure to water. Most types of tiles offer excellent resistance to moisture and are very hygienic as well.
The bathroom is typically one of the smaller areas of the home making it a great area to introduce premium material tiles. Premium tile materials include natural stone, high end ceramics and porcelains. These types of tiles instantly improve the overall look of the room and help to add resale value to the home.
Choosing the Best Tiles for the Bathroom
It is important to understand the unique environment of the bathroom when choosing bathroom tile designs and the types of tiles that will be used in the room. Before choosing the tile for your bathroom home improvement project, take the time to understand the stresses that the tiles will regularly be subjected to.
Flooring tile that is used in the shower or bathroom floor will ideally be thicker and offer enhanced traction to prevent slipping. Many types of tile are designed specifically to be used for flooring based on thickness ratings and durability. Porcelain, ceramic and some natural stone tiles are typically the best choices for the strength, durability and traction benefits they offer.
Other types of bathroom applications can use any number of different tiles where load bearing characteristics are not important. Backsplash and wall tiles are generally chosen purely for their aesthetic qualities because the popular types of tiles all provide adequate protection for these uses. For shower tiles, it is important that the tiles be very waterproof in order to prevent water damage to the underlying surfaces and to prevent mold growth.
Choosing Bathroom Tiles that Make an Impression
Natural stone is one of the best choices for bathroom tiles due to the timeless beauty and sense of elegance these tiles bring to any room. The natural beauty offered by granite, limestone or marble tiles is unmatched by any other types of tiles. Each tile is different and the tiles go together to form a truly unique natural pattern that will enhance any existing décor. The increased cost of these tiles should be viewed as an investment in beauty that will never go out of style.
Some natural stones are porous and need to be sealed in order to be completely waterproof. Otherwise, natural stone is essentially maintenance free over the lifetime of the tiles.
Discuss the best types of tiles to use in your bathroom tile designs by speaking to a reputable tile supplier today.